After The Rain



It was 2PM and I begin to wonder, is it rainin’ or what? I was in my room changing clothes cause at 3PM, I have an appointment with my friend. And it was delayed two times because of rain. well, I was pretending that I don’t hear it, I don’t want to see it either. But it comes louder and louder, bigger and bigger. Oh my, here he goes again, that rainstorm! And 2 minutes later my friend text me, “It’s raining, maybe we should meet up next time”.

But you know what? Rain is not that bad after all.

What I do when it’s raining? I took a glass of coffee, smoking some cigarettes in front of my door, and enjoy the sound of the rainfall. For those who are fallin’ in love, rain sounds like a harmony of love and hope. A melodic guitar song of happiness. The raindrop perfectly reflect the person that they missed. For those who are sad, it sounds like discordant notes that breaking tears deep inside from their heart. It reflect the emotions that they are feeling right at the moment. And often makes them cry. For me? It’s coffee time!


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