Fresh Graduate’s Fate


We can say that, in every part of this world, education is very important. it’s a main stairs to achieve something that we called, science. But as the times goes by, education has changed into a different form. You don’t go to school to get smart, but to get a diploma so you can get a job later. And that’s what 70% people of Indonesia think about. You go to college to get a diploma so you can get a job. It’s easy to say but hard to do. Education in this country is not cheap. Educational Institution – Like Universities – will oblige you to pay a high price so you can learn in there class. Universities in Indonesia these days has become more like a capitalist institution that kill youngster with their high payment. If you want to get a job in the future, you got to have a diploma. To get a diploma you got to go to university. And you have to pay us. Because if you don’t get a job in the future means you wont eat. This is my friend, Deni. He just graduate from one of the university in Indonesia. It was hard for him to pay the campus $300 every semester. and if he was then graduate at semester 8, he had paid the campus $2.400. it’s a very high number for who’s parents are only farmers in the village. And the anguish is not finished. After graduating, he got to compete with


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