Thank You ‘Bosses’



I was never close to my parents. I mean.. I was raised on a hard way so it makes a gap between me and The Bosses – I called Them boss, my dad and mom – and our communication was not that good. I always having some war with my mom while Dad is too busy to give attention. All he knew was “Don’t be a bad son or I’ll kick your ass”. When I turn my back on the past, I think I was jealous with others children. Their parents give everything they want, that new stuff and bla bla bla. But lately I sudden realize that, their way to raise me was way more smarter then, maybe, others parents that give their children everything they want, cause I feel much stronger and more independent as an individual. That hard way that they taught makes more stronger mentally to undergo this life. It’s not because they don’t care, but it’s the opposite, they do care. They do know how to raised their children. And now our communication becomes better and better. I took this picture while we were on a vacation in Bangka Island. And believe me, You – Who read this post – should go there too. The beaches is amazingly beautiful and still natural. You can see beaches along the way of Lintas Timur road and it’s extraordinary view.


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