Love And Betrayal


Prambanan Temple is located in the suburbs of Yogyakarta city, Kalasan. As the myth says that there are 1000 temple in the Prambanan complex. Including the Roro Jonggrang Statue that is said to be the last (1000) temple thanks to Bandung Bondowoso curse. At the late war between Boko kingdom and Pengging kingdom, Roro Jonggrang use her beauty to beat the prince of pengging kingdom Bandung Bondowoso, who’s falling in love with her from the first sight they met. Then Roro Jonggrang said, if Bandung Bondowoso want her to be his wife, he must build 1000 temple before the sun rise. But at last, Bandung Bondowoso realize Roro Jonggrang plot to kill him and then cursed her become the last statue of the Prambanan temple.

But you know, it’s myth. Legend. But it’s cool right? I went here to Prambanan often to accompany friends who came over Yogyakarta to see the beauty of this Temple besides the Borobudur temple.


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