Mbah Marto The Sailorman

mbah mart (1)

“Mbah” is a calling for grandfather in javanese. Mbah Marto once was a sailorman, and then become a fisherman. Don’t be surprised when you call his name, he’ll just pass you by and even don’t look at you. Not because he is an ignorant person, but because he is deaf. He can’t hear clearly anymore. So you had to scream on his ear if you want to talk to him. He said that he was born in Hindia-Belanda Era, and grew up when Japan invade Indonesia. ” They were cruel, all of them colonial people!” he said. “We were hiding in the bush to not get caught. They gave us no food and not worthy clothes”. All that colonialism and cold war stuff, he knows it. He really enjoyed if someone ask him about the past, the colonialism history, and how he’s life becoming a fisherman.


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